Christmas City, USA (a.k.a., Duluth, MN)

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A Professional Santa for your Holiday Event!

This Santa can make your business or personal holiday event a hit!  He has various packages available for you to choose from, so drop him a line. He also has an alias (Scott Segee) and can provide a background check for you to peruse.  He's also covered by the Specialty Insurance Agency. Drop him a line.  He's even got an email address (we've got the workshop online; the work a Santa has to do these days!):

Get the Package that best suits your needs, wherever you are!

As you know, Santa's in the Northland.  He lives in Christmas City, but can travel (the reindeer are resting until the Big Day though, so he'll need you to help with the travel arrangements).  He can just drop in to say hello or he can have all the children have a chat.  He's also available for recurring events, so if your business needs to have Santa nearby, he might be able to ask us elves to cover for a while so he can come by.  Just let him know.  He'd be happy to give you a call.  

Drop us elves a line at the workshop; we'll have Santa get back to you soon:

Email him at or check him out on Facebook:

Make this holiday one they'll remember.


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We'd love to be in touch. Just email us.

Santa can't answer the phone (there are so many toys to make), but we elves are online and can tell Santa to give you a call.

Christmas City Santa

Christmas City, USA (a.k.a., Duluth, Minnesota)



Christmas Day

12am all across the world

(or he can book a time just for you)

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